2011 Story of my Death

Working Art Director for the film "Story of my Death"
Director: Albert Serra
Production Company: Capricci Films and Andergraun Films

It takes place in France in an atmosphere of delighted debauchery telling the tale of a certain marques and the servant who accompanied him in his comings and goings in a small village surrounded by lush forests. The marques is famous for his sexual exploits and conquests. However, with the arrival of a certain count, the atmosphere in the village becomes oppresive and dark leading to a strange and mysterious end. The movie tells of the transition between the the eighteenth century with it's rationalism and sensuality and the beginning of the nineteenth century of romanticism, darkness and violence. two famous personages incarnate the two worlds: Casanova and Dracula.

Golden Leopard 2013 to the Best Film in the International Film Festival of Locarno (Switzerland).